Installation Template

How to Use the Template

The packaging provides not only the directions for installation but also an
integrated template to mark the location where the hole should be drilled.

Step 1 / Mark the door

Mark Door Stop location with package template.

Step 2 / Drill the hole

On the same side screw is inserted , drill 5/16 (8 mm) hole through the door.

Step 3 / Install

Install Door Stop with screw.

Step 4 / Tighten

Tighten the screw using the 5/32 (4mm) hex key.

Installation Kit

Sold Separately


If you have limited experience operating a drill, but still want to take advantage of our superior design, why not consider the installation kit below. The installation kit incorporates a device that assists to guide your drill to the precise location the doorstop will be mounted. The kit also includes a drill bit for producing the hole and a hex key used to tighten the doorstop once installed.